This is how you remove old window films

General advice:

  • All window films can be removed without resistance. For a flawless result you should plan for a lot of time for larger glass surfaces, similar to how it is done for wallpapers.
  • Try to if possible pull the entire window film off in one single piece. Very old or lower quality films break and can be very tough to remove. In this case you should think about replacing these in time and make sure to use high quality window films.
  • It is generally not the film that is the hardest to remove but the glue. What is more helpful than aggressive solvents are often pH- neutral adhesive remover to remove the glue.
  • Be careful with rear windows in cars: Do not use a glass scraper due to the possibility of this damaging the heat wires in the glass.

You need:

  • Spray bottle
  • pH- neutral adhesive remover
  • Ethanol or glass cleaner
  • Glass scraper (possibly a glass- ceramic scraper)
  • Cutter- knife
  • Paper tissues or a lint- free cloth

Pull the film off:

Lift the window film carefully at one corner - if needed with the hwlp of the cutter- knife- and then pull it at a flat angle away from the glass surface. The goal is to if possible remove the entire window film in one piece to avoid having to remove annoying film rests in the future.
Large films should be cut carefully (scratches!) into squares with the cutter- knife to avoid uncontrolled tearing during the removal. For each square just do the same steps listed above.

Removing glue:

Is the film completely removed from the glass surface then spray the window pane with adhesive remover to get rid of the remaining glue. After a short reaction time you will be able to remove the leftover glue with the help of the glass scraper by scraping it to the edge of the pane and then wiping it off.

To check for glue remains on glass surfaces and cleaning windows:

Before you use household glass cleaner to clean you should check for remaining glue. Rub the glass surface with the ethanol. After a short reaction time the glue will colour itself grey and kan easily be removed by hand. After a thorough cleaning the window can be reused for a new window film.